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You can join the Olive Branches Coalition, a pioneering, Pro-Semitic movement that affirms Christians are Righteous Gentiles and Jews arethe spiritual older brothers and sisters of Christians.

The OBC is an informal, online gathering of individuals, congregations and groupsthatpublicly affirm the need to facilitate reconciliation,relationships and partnership between Christians and Jews.

We believe that by coalescing together we will demonstrate God’s undeniable Light of Love more brightly to the nations.

An olive branch is a symbol of peace. Our logo demonstrates that both Christians and Jews are building relationships that result in reconciliation for our troubled past. We look to a future where Christians and Jews are working shoulder to shoulder to create a united light of truth to the world.

Millions of Christians have recognized God’s hand on the nation, Israel. Now we see more clearly that His hand is also on the people, Israel –Jews.

Like the Prodigal Son, every born-again Christian has a past that was self-centered and foolish.But we have come home to the Father’s house and have dedicated our lives to the God of Abraham.

The Prodigal Son’s older brother is a type of the Jews. They have quietly, faithfully remained in the Father’s house, and they have grown in wisdom simply by living close to the Father.

The Prodigal Son, once home, had much to learn from his older brother about hard work, faithfulness, self-control and commitment to family. Christians have much we can learn from our older spiritual brothers and sisters, the Jews, including persistence, resilience, chutzpah, study and family.

The Olive Branches Coalition believes that as the world moves closer to the apocalyptic coming of the Messiah, Christians and Jews need to stand more united in the Father’s house. Like two brothers who are different in personality and temperament, we are united in knowing we are both serving our Father, the Creator of the Universe.

There is no greater people than the Jews! Their spiritual DNA has been the foundation of Western Civilization and has blessed the heart of Christianity since its inception.

The “Jewish DNA in Christians” project educates Christians about rich Jewish wisdom and character that was in Old Testament Jews, in Jewish Jesus, still prominent in Jews today and, though often dormant, in every Christian alive. 

Highlighted are Jewish Spirituality and their

Resilience, Creativity, Chutzpah and Forbearance. Their lifelong quest for Learning and deep sense of Justice, Wholeness, Family & Community are examined. Finally, their history and the essence of Christianity both radiate Redemption.  


This groundbreaking proposition that contemporary Jews and Christians have deep commonality stimulates widespread, meaningful conversation that has the potential to literally shift the spiritual cultural paradigm.

“Jewish DNA in Christians”helps bridge the 2000 year gap between two major world religions by expounding on ten identical genes in their contemporary DNA.

Tom Pokorni has just finished his soon-to-be-released book, Jewish DNA in Christians.

You can request information about Tom Pokorni speaking at your church, synagogue or group

  1. Build relationships between Christians and Jews.
  2. Help bring reconciliation between the two groups.
  3. Look for opportunities to stand together and serve together.
  4. Pray that God’s hands lead us, individually and collectively.

The Olive Branches Coalition is committed to:

  1. Christians and Jews have a deep, common spiritual heritage.
  2. The nation of Isreal has a right to exist.
  3. Jews are God’s first-chosen people.
  4. Christians are Righteous Gentiles under the hand of God.

The Olive Branches Coalition affirms:

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