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GloryWorks is an organization centered on the Biblical truth that FAITH shows itself in righteous WORKS.

As we get to know God His GLORY shines in our hearts, producing WORKS of love to those around us. The heart of GloryWorks is loving God and people.

After Haiti’s earthquake in 2010GloryWorks ran free school programs for children teaching them the Bible, English, Public Speaking, Sports and Music. Every day we fed them a big, hot lunch.

GloryWorks activitiesbuilding relationships with Jews has included both lively discussion of the Bible with Jewish rabbis and leaders as well as compassion and love to Holocaust survivors (something few had ever felt from a Christian).

God’s Glory Works in mysterious ways. GloryWorks simply strives to be His vessel.

Pastor Tom Pokorni is the founder and President of GloryWorks.


He was born in Chicago and raised a Catholic, but became an agnostic hippie in the 1960’s. He graduated cum laude with a B.A. in Literature from John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio, and spent a year studying in Rome, Italy.


After working as a teacher and political activist in Washington, D.C., Tom had a dramatic conversion experience in 1977 and gave his life to God. He was ordained in 1981 from the Crystal Springs Bible School in Lindale, Texas.


In December of 1982 he had a vision to move into Miami’s inner city to minister to the tens of thousands of impoverished Haitians who had recently arrived in South Florida with little more than the clothes on their backs. Tom founded the non-profit, Agape Force Miami, and distributed free food and clothing, taught free English classes, and held Bible studies in English, Creole and Spanish.


He founded Community Christian Church in 1983 and the non-profit youth organization, Gang Alternative, a few years later. The documentary, Little Acts of Love, tells the story of his twenty years as a pastor in Miami’s Little Haiti.

In 2002 he founded GloryWorks and moved to LA to write. However, he was shaken by the devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti and soon afterwards oversaw a multi-faceted series of relief and developmental programs on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince.


In 2015 Rev. Pokorni felt a call to begin facilitating relationships and reconciliation between Christians and Jews. He is now a regular participant and teacher in a South Florida Rabbis-Pastors Torah Study and has been a lead speaker at a number of Christian and Jewish events.

Tom has recently finished his book, Jewish DNA in Christians. He sits on the Board of Directors of The Flame Society, dedicated to Holocaust education, and Yachad-Together: Union of Judeo/Christian Cooperation.


Pastor Tom Pokorni is an engaging speaker who has shared his inspiring vision and prophetic insights across the United States. He currently resides in Hollywood, Florida. Contact Tom at

Contact Tom at

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