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Loving God. Loving People. Changing the World.

Reaching Out – Loving the World in Faith and Action

GloryWorks has been creatively and practically touching and changing people, communities and countries with the Love of God for more than 35 years.

God’s GLORY can help you become the person you were created to be, and your seemingly small WORKS of LOVE can bless and transform others.


To be led by God’s Holy Spirit, to be a Prophetic Voice to the nations using the Creative Arts, and to demonstrate the love of Jesus by our actions, especially to youth and the poor.


For more than three years after the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti in 2010, GloryWorks ministered love, faith and hope through hands-on action to some of the most impoverished children in Haiti.


Our Hope and Desire is to Impact Western society and the World with the reality that All-Mighty God loves them as a Father and wants to Help them in every area of their lives.

Our Founder

Tom Pokorni

Tom Pokorni

Founder of GloryWorks

TOM POKORNI has spent more than 20 years ministering God’s peace and love in Miami’s inner city, followed by more than a decade of writing and overseeing earthquake and hurricane relief efforts in Haiti.

Tom graduated cum laude from John Carroll University in 1969, then began to teach Humanities in Washington, D.C. In 1971 he turned to a career in politics. He was the Research Director for the national Campaign Monitoring Project of the peoples’ lobby, Common Cause, during the 1972 presidential and congressional races. 

Political life, however, did not satisfy Pokorni’s spirit. He recognized a deeper need for his own inner peace, and so left his rising star in politics and began searching for truth. After investigating major philosophies and religions of the world, Tom had an unexpected, dramatic meeting with Jesus Christ in 1977. From that moment he knew he had to spend his life telling people that God wanted to live inside their hearts through the Presence of the Holy Spirit.

Rev. Pokorni was ordained in 1981 from the Crystal Springs Bible School in Lindale, Texas. He served as Senior Editor for Agape Force ministries, then moved into Miami’s inner city in December of 1982. He began to minister to the poor, especially Haitians, founding the non-profit ministry, Agape Force Miami, Community Christian Church and the youth organization, Gang Alternative.

In 2002 Pokorni turned the Miami church to Rev. Eddy Gervais, a Haitian-American who had grown up in the church and been a member for fifteen years. Tom then turned his focus to GloryWorks, with a vision of ministering beyond Miami in both words and action.

After spending several years in Los Angeles writing, Tom was shaken by the devastating earthquake in Haiti in 2010. Soon afterwards he oversaw a multi-faceted series of relief and developmental programs in the ruins of Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince.

Since 2015 Pastor Pokorni has served as CEO of Olive Branches [insert link to new site], an organization he founded to nurture reconciliation and relationships between Christians and Jews.

 Tom has never married, and he currently resides in Hollywood, Florida.



Hippie Tom Pokorni received a vision from God in 1982 telling him to go to Miami and help impoverished Haitians. Watch “Little Acts of Love,” the true story of a Chicago hippie-turned-minister who moved into Miami’s crime-infested Little Haiti neighborhood and helped a generation of Haitian kids grow up to become solid Americans.

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